How Do I Join?

For Sailing and Kayak - ALL MEMBERS MUST download and SIGN.

(The Revised 2019 General Release form is required by Town and our insurance carrier. Please sign and initial each page. This document must be received by CSF before you will be allowed to reserve a kayak or boat for sailing).

Certificate of Incorporation

  1. Safety is very important – all members using our equipment as a “skipper” must have a Connecticut Safety Boating certificate. Generally, certification may be obtained by successful completion of the “About Boating Safely” course offered by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Schedules are regularly published in the newspaper or information may be obtained on the Internet.

    Click here for information from U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary regarding their "About Boating Safety Course."
    – We recommend the Flotilla 7-7 in Fairfield, located at the South Benson Marina. Click here for more info and to register.

  2. Knowledge of our member handbook which includes details of our boating rules, expectations of all members and operation requirements.

  3. Successful passing of our boating skill tests given to kayak and sailing members. Attendance of all spring seminar sessions is recommended for sailors. Kayak information and general club information will be offered in session 1. Check our Calendar for information on Sailing Seminars.

  4. Community Sailing of Fairfield is completely reliant on volunteer participation, so any skill that you have or area in which you would like to participate should be noted. Please complete the New Member Questionnaire.

  5. Dues should be paid to: Community Sailing of Fairfield and may be mailed to : P.O. Box 553, Southport, CT 06890. For types of memberships and fee schedule, please visit our "About Us" page.