Sailing Checklist:

Pre-Sailing Checklist

The following check list is intended to aid you in both setting out to sail and in properly securing and storing your boat upon returning. 

Personal Equipment

  • Personal flotation for each person (life jackets)
  • Clothing to match the weather and wind  also non marking shoes
  • Boat Equipment  (R) = required equipment;  (s)=suggested equipment)

Are the following on board and in their proper place?

  • Audible Signaling device ( R) , i.e. whistle, air horn.
  • Throwable Cushion ( R)  Type IV
  • First aid kit (s)
  • Tools (s)
  • Anchor and line (s) (attached to mast)
  • Towline (s) (attached to mast)
  • Paddle (s) highly suggested
  • Hand operated bilge pump (s)

Preparing Boat to Sail 

  • Check, wind, tide, weather forecast
  • Look over the boat to make sure there is no damaged or broken parts
  • Check to be sure shrouds are tight  (should hum slightly when you pluck them
  • All Cotter rings taped (note: if tape is missing, is the cotter ring also missing?  If so the boat is not to be sailed till the cotter ring is replaced)
  • Check that forestay is tight to the pull.
  • Check that the scuppers are open water.
  • Prepare sails, lines,  Boom Vang,  tiller, bumpers, lines,
  • Check for visible water after removing the bilge cover.
  • Pump out the bilge if needed 

Post-sailing Checklist:

Boat Mooring                    

  • Boats are properly positioned
  • Inboard boat properly secured to dock
  • M line properly attached – view the M line configuration illustration
  • Bumpers in proper position so boats do not touch each other
  • All lines in both boats neatly coiled and attached to mountings
  • Jib neatly furled and covered
  • Main neatly flaked and covered

Action if needed:

Notify Chris Jennings ASAP at 203.895.2026 if you suspect a safety issue. For other issues, please send an e-mail to